At Steenkamp Physiotherapists we aim to improve all our patients' overall function, movement and general well-being. Our focus is very much on the individual patient, building up a rapport and working in partnership with them to achieve their goal of recovering to full functionality, inactivities of daily living and participation of sport or regain optimal and pain-free movement

Steenkamp Physio

Sports injuries
and rehabilitation

Treating any muscle, ligament, tendon, joint or nerve pain/injury- E.g.: Plantar fasciitis, PFP, ITB, gluteal tendinopathy, muscle tears, ligament tears, tennis elbow and many more by means of:

Steenkamp Physio

General orthopaedics

Conservative management, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation of any orthopaedic condition according to newest evidence-based protocols eg: 

Steenkamp Physio

Neck and back pain management

Treating any muscle, joint or nerve pain whether acute or chronic by means of:

Steenkamp Physio

Headache, sinus, tinnitus, and vertigo management

Treating adults and paediatrics by means of: 

Steenkamp Physio

Temporomandibular pain and dysfunction

Treatment of all TMJ or facial related pain (conservative and post-operative)  by means of:



Treatment of women’s health related pain and dysfunction -e.g.: Pregnancy related pain, Mastitis, post C-section recovery and return to exercise and incontinence by means of:

Steenkamp Physio

Exercise prescription, rehabilitation and group exercise classes

Exercise programme specific to activity, sport, including:

Steenkamp Physio

Adult and paediatric chest pathology

Treating a variety of pathology by means of chest therapy including:

Steenkamp Physio

Amputation rehabilitation

Assisting in management and rehabilitation of upper and lower limb amputations. To optimize and maintain muscle strength, length and normal range of motion. Functional re-training will include:

How we work

Step 1

Our out-patient appointments are 45 minutes each, including a full evaluation. Follow-up appointments consist of treatment, exercise prescription and patient education through discussing a treatment plan. Referral for specialists or other treatments will be done as required or if no progress is seen.

Step 2

We encourage patients to wear comfortable clothes. Please come in a few minutes early, to allow for a little time to fill in some forms. The physiotherapist will advise a treatment plan and follow up appointments will be scheduled

Steenkamp Physio
Steenkamp Physio

Step 3

Home exercises will be prescribed to assist the healing process and to promote self-management with long-term effects.

Preparing for your appointment

Please bring the following to your first consultation

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